For Organizations

Bethany can help your nonprofit or small business with these areas of expertise and can provide short-term consulting, one-time opportunities, work on a contract basis, facilitation, or larger projects. She is great at Organizational Development for small groups, organizations, and businesses. Not sure what your group even needs? She is also really good at asking questions and helping you figure out a path forward.

Let Bethany know how she can help you or your organization achieve its goals!

Capacity Building: planning for the future, resource development

Marketing: social media marketing, enewsletter creation, overall voice development, storytelling

Membership Services: establish or refine a membership program to achieve greatest impact

Operational support: policies, handbooks, procedure manuals

Evaluation: survey development, administration, analysis

Events: inception, planning, promotion, implementation

Development: individual fundraising, grant writing and prospecting

Web: WordPress website design and/or development

Data: CRM database development, data cleaning, data dashboard creation, data tracking

Visual Art Exhibitions: curation, installation, promotion, artist panel facilitation

While not a racial equity consultant, Bethany brings a lens for racial justice, dismantling white supremacy, and a desire for authentic inclusion to all of her work. If you are not willing to look at unjust systems inherent in all of the areas listed above, Bethany is not your collaborator. Need a racial equity consultant? Bethany can recommend many amazing people for you.

She also loves teaching workshops online or in-person on any of these topics and is a generous and skilled panel moderator.