Why Artichoke?

Since my first experience with an artichoke when I was in high school and dining at a friend’s house, I have found these thistle plants intriguing. Who is the patient and tenacious soul who saw an artichoke and was curious enough to remove layer upon layer to get to the heart of this plant? Artichoke hearts are not the most flavorful nor the most beautiful, but they have secured their spot in cuisines around the world. 

My friend Molly, who has a gift with plants, arranged our flowers for my wedding. I gave her free rein to do whatever her heart desired and found myself with gorgeous arrangements with grasses, asparagus spears, and a bridal bouquet with an artichoke at the center. It was creative, beautiful, and really me. That secured my artichoke affinity. 

As I was looking to embark on a new stage of my professional life after decades in the nonprofit world, I wanted a name that embodies the business I aspire to cultivate. There’s certainly art in artichoke, but the whole name Artichoke Consulting represents the varied and layered practice I bring to the challenges you face. 

Reach out and let’s plan on how we will peel back the layers to get to the heart of your challenge together.